Third Party Account Bridges Gambling Convenience


Depositing and withdrawing from an online gambling account are far more convenient among gamblers during the past years. Any gambler who gambles online can easily access the deposit and withdrawal procedures in their account through the use of their credit cards.

Credit card payment has been a primer in financial transactions in online casinos. But because of the threat of fraud and most especially the strict legislation of the United States that prohibits credit card companies from taking involvement with online gambling, most gamblers has been deprived to use the credit card payment convenience.

However amid the exasperation among online gamblers, a solution emerge which is the creation of a third party account that conveniently allows casino gamblers to access payment and withdrawals in online gambling sites with the use of their credit cards.

Because credit card convenience is the best procedure to finance a gambler’s wagering activity online, the third party account does not deprive online gamblers with this convenience to finance their online gambling activity.

An online casino player only needs to create a third party account where they can deposit their funds from their credit card. The third party account will then be used for paying the online casino sites where they gamble. Any winning proceeds will then be again credited to their third party account which can be used to transfer any amount they have on their third party account to their credit cards.

This procedure is an effective means where credit card companies deviates direct involvement to any gambling sites online. With the third party account acting as a virtual bank online, gamblers enjoy the same convenience they experience when credit cards used to be the main payment system used in online gambling.

The third party accounts are often called as transfer sites which act as a bridge of financing gambling activities with a gambler’s credit card. There has been no gambling law that prohibits the use of a third party account funded by credit card account to access gambling thereby allowing online gamblers to continue enjoy the liberation of using their credit card account as a secured means of online gambling.

Using a third party account such as offered by Neteller, Citadel and Firepay are fast and convenient way to deceive gambling laws that prohibit credit card transactions in online gambling. Online casinos are also more than glad to offer their accredited third party companies which are readily displayed on their online sites to be perused by their online clients.