The Rules of Casino Etiquette


The casino is not only a place for playing table games and betting your money, but interacting with other people as well. And because of your encounters with many people, you are expected to be courteous and observe the rules of casino etiquette.

Casino Etiquette at the Table Games Proper etiquette should be observed at table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack. This is because your actions in each of these games are likely to affect other players and your reputation while playing.

In roulette, you are expected to respect what the dealer says. As soon as he has said “No more bets,” then you are in no position to place some last-minute chips on the table. You should also refrain from touching your chips during the spin and after the ball has landed on a pocket.

Poker has also its own rules of etiquette, the most important of which is being attentive and properly placing your bets on the pot so that the dealer can count if you have placed the correct amount. Do not toss your bets into the pot like a character does in a movie.

In blackjack, you are also expected to make hand signals about each action you are willing to take. If you prefer to say it instead, then do so loud and clear to avoid any confusion.

Proper casino etiquette at table games also means respecting other people’s personal enjoyment, so refrain from giving unsolicited advice and commenting loudly on each player’s move.

General Casino Etiquette Refrain from making any snide comments about a player’s losing or winning streak. Doing so might make you stand out like a jealous player.

Respect other’s turn at the slot machines, money cages and in every queue in the casino.

Respect the signs in the gaming establishment – after all, this is their house, so they make the rules. If a particular area is not for eating, then refrain from nibbling your snacks. Smokers should comply with the smoking signs, and non-smokers should respect the right of smokers in a smoking area.

Casino Etiquette towards Dealers, Employees and Attendants Dealers, employees and attendants deserve the respect you would give to other players. Dealers should not be blamed whether or not the outcomes are unfavorable. Tipping is a lovely gesture given to an efficient dealer and after a lucky winning streak.

Whenever you are requesting something from employees and attendants, do so in a nice way. Concerns and complaints about their services should be directed to the manager, not in front of a room full of people.

Etiquette is required in every social function, be it a dinner part or a casino gaming session. Casino etiquette is all about courtesy and respect to people’s dignity and personal enjoyment.