The Golden Aged Casino; The Golden Nugget


The Las Vegas strip is packed with casinos of every kind. Casinos that resemble places, casinos that resemble landmarks, and even casinos that resemble periods in history. What is sad is that only a few golden casinos survive the ever continuing growth and expansion of Las Vegas. One of these golden aged casinos is also one of the first casinos on the strip and the name is the Golden Nugget. Find out why the Golden Nugget still manages to stand its ground amongst the new and fresh casinos on the strip and find out how popular the oldie really is.

The original Golden Nugget casino was built in 1946 and opened on August 30 in the same year. The current owner of the Golden Nugget is Landry’s Restaurants but majority of the stakes have been bought by casino mogul Steve Wynn. From Steve Wynn onwards, the owner of the Golden Nugget changed several times until Landry’s Restaurant bought it and renovated it two years ago to how it looks like today.

The Golden Nugget casino is currently located at 129 Fremont Street Las Vegas and has a variety of casino facilities. The Golden Nugget casino houses 1275 slot machines and 62 table games. The list of different casino games includes Mini-Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and Wheel-of-Fortune. The casino itself offers the highest limit gambling that can be found in whole Las Vegas.

The Golden Nugget is very affordable and after playing in the casino, you might want to relax in their rooms which start at $50. The downtown location is also ideal for those who wish to gamble in casinos for a little less and who are looking for the fast thrill of casino gambling. The Golden Nugget has permanent shows as well as many different restaurants. One of the notable restaurants is the Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse which serves mouth-watering American steak and food. The Golden Nugget also has a noodle house and a cafĂ© where you can lounge in between your casino game ventures.

Many people only come to the Golden Nugget to see one thing; gold. And of course the Golden Nugget caters with such, for the biggest gold nugget is indeed at display in the casino hotel. This gold nugget is called the Hand of Faith, and looks like a hand but at the same time is the biggest gold nugget in the world. The Hand of Faith was found in Australia and weighs 61 pounds and 11 ounces.

With all the current and new attractions, the Golden Nugget casino does not seem so old and aged anymore, and despite its actual age, it is still popular throughout the world.