The Best Slots To Play


The title phrase should rank as the best oxymoron you’ve ever seen. The best slot to play is the one that wins. You play with slots – sure you’re gambling but the only gamble is that you’re putting your money in the slot and pulling the handle or pressing the button. That is the extent of the skill involved. So you play.

One mindset in playing slot machines is to peruse the machines available, sit down and one, put your money in to play and see what happens.

My philosophy on playing slot machines is to choose machines that have a decent payoff when you hit something. If it’s a multiple credit machine where I have a choice of playing 27, 36, 45 or 90 credits I’m going to make sure there are ample opportunities to get significant credits back on the 27, 36 and 45 before I ever play the 90. Remember you’re playing for longevity. Slot machine payouts are pre-programmed on a chip in the machine. The wins happen when you happen to be the one sitting at the machine when it stops and the chip says it’s payout time. Point of Interest – The same logic should tell you that you could also be advancing past that payout point while you’re waiting for the machine to stop spinning on the game you’re playing. In other word’s – it is totally random.

When you walk up to a three or four coin machine with bells, bar, cherries, or winning symbols on the front the payouts are shown on the face of the machine. The more lines that pay on the machine the lesser your payouts. The more symbols that pay something lowers the payout on more symbols when they come up. For instance if a machine pays only on one line and you get three bars the payout should be 20 coins on a two coin machine and 30 coins on a three coin machine. If you’re playing a machine that pays out on all three lines, the three bars don’t come up more frequently but they only pay 5 or 10 coins when they do. Study those pay tables and know which machines give you the most play for your money. Longevity is the key. The most chances you have to spin those reels the more chances you have to win.

When you look at the choices on all of the new video “penny” machines there should be a button on the panel that says “Pay Table.” Punch that button and take a look at what pays on the machine if it’s not displayed on the front or on top of the machine. Some machines will pay for two symbols in a row. Some sets of symbols pay, some don’t. Again, for my money a machine has to have the potential of paying back 20 to 45 credits on two symbols if I’m playing 90 credits or the machine will take my money in a shorter period of time.

Once you get to understand the payouts on the machines you enjoy playing this will all make more sense. Then take a look at the trademark machines – the Lucy and Desi, Elvis, Wheel-of-Fortune with Pat and Vanna – all of the machines that have a link to a celebrity or a tv show or a movie. Those payouts are a minimum of 10% less than other like machines without the celebrity association.

Video poker is another area where you really need to study the pay tables. In a basic Jacks or better game you have a base payout. If you go to a wild card in the mix a pair of Jacks is no good. The ultimate on a Video Poker machine is the Royal Flush which are programmed to hit frequently. Anytime you get a machine face with two and certainly three legs of the Royal Flush go for it because that’s where the money is. I’ve seen situations where the Royal Flush popped onto the screen on the original deal.

If you’re going to focus on Video Poker buy a book that gives you percentages of starter cards according to the machine payouts. It’s very different from a live game. Almost like playing when you have to ante every game so you do need to play it a little differently.

Study those payout tables and determine which is the best bet for your money.